Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just a trial people!

This taken from my research paper, just wanna try to post smtg, and i know its
boring =)....
In an ancient Greek play, masks represent personalities. They use a different mask for each actor or actress in order to help others to understand the play. For example, a mask of a devil represents anger and a mask of an angel represents happiness. It tells us that there are people out there who are interested to show us and to share their opinion on human emotions or human personalities. I am very interested in learning more about this topic because, for me, it is very important to learn more about ourselves, and I believe it will help us to find our own identities. Human personality in general is best explained by complicated research and experiments because of the fact that different people have different personalities. I have done my research on this topic, and as I went deeper to gather the information, I have found something more interesting about our personalities. Believe it or not, everyone in this world has his or her own multiple personalities or, in other words, we can call them the sub personalities.