Sunday, December 20, 2009


Just watched Avatar( not the last Air Bender) with budak2 nih and tell u, its the best movie ever. The effects were awesome, story line was freaking genius with cool surroundings and stuff. Two thumbs up lar director, this is what we call the real movie. Ladangggg.....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mata dan Air Kopi

Air Kopi
Tido Sikit
Air Kopi

Air Kopi
Tahan Lapar
Air Kopi

Air Kopi
Terbang melayang
Air Kopi

Air Kopi
Tolak Main
Air Kopi

Air Kopi
Tetap Sabar
Air Kopi

Air Kopi
Telan Banyak
Air Kopi....Minggu ni

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow is Salji

When the snow if falling
up above from the sky
its time to play and pray
lets make a better snowmen today

When the snow is falling
there's a smile on every faces
the same cold white snow for every races
cover my clothes and my shoes

When the snow is falling
The clear now is the blurry
It blinds and hides you from me
But i still love you even though i cant see

When the snow is falling
Flakes dropping and body starts shaking
Dont be afraid oh you my darling
Just let the wind do the talking

Haha excuse my english and the rhythm. Rosak =)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Menerima dan Berkongsi =)



Tahajjud, kerana kemuliaan seorang mukmin terletak pada tahajjudnya. .


Membaca Al-Qur'an sebelum terbit matahari Alangkah baiknya sebelum mata melihat dunia, sebaiknya mata membaca Al-Qur'an terlebih dahulu dengan penuh pemahaman.


Jangan tinggalkan masjid terutama di waktu shubuh. Sebelum melangkah kemana pun langkahkan kaki ke masjid, kerana masjid merupakan pusat keberkahan, bukan kerana panggilan muadzin tetapi panggilan Allah yang mencari orang beriman untuk memakmurkan masjid Allah.


Jaga solat dhuha, kerana kunci rezeki terletak pada solat dhuha.


Jaga sedekah setiap hari. Allah menyukai orang yang suka bersedekah, dan malaikat Allah selalu mendoakan kepada orang yang bersedekah setiap hari.


Jaga wudhu terus menerus kerana Allah menyayangi hamba yang berwudhu. Kata khalifah Ali bin Abu Thalib, "Orang yang selalu berwudhu senantiasa ia akan merasa selalu solat walau ia sedang tidak solat, dan dijaga oleh malaikat dengan dua doa, ampuni dosa dan sayangi dia ya Allah".


Amalkan istighfar setiap saat.. Dengan istighfar masalah yang terjadi kerana dosa kita akan dijauhkan oleh Allah.

Zikir adalah bukti syukur kita kepada Allah. Bila kita kurang bersyukur, maka kita kurang berzikir pula, oleh kerana itu setiap waktu harus selalu ada penghayatan dalam melaksanakan ibadah ritual dan ibadah ajaran Islam lainnya. Zikir juga merupakan makanan rohani yang paling bergizi, dan dengan zikir berbagai kejahatan dapat ditangkal sehingga jauhlah umat manusia dari sifat-sifat yang berpangkal pada materialisme dan hedonisme.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oct Break

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Eid Mubarak To All

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin kepada keluarga, rakan-rakan dan saudara mara di mana jua anda berada.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Road Not Taken (SPM)

"TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both" Robert Frost (1874–1963)

Yeah we could kill two birds wit one stone, but the way we wanna kill it, the method we think the best to use, can only be made by one decision. In fact we can kill more than two birds if we make a right decision and use the best method of all(bomb the whole nest with with dynamite!!). I set my goal, pick my own path, and walk through it without hesitation because i believe, this is the one for me. Am i?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Once In A Thousand Years

On August 7th 2009, at 34 minutes and 56 seconds past 12, the time and date will be read as,

12:34:56 07/08/09

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

This won't happen again for another thousand years =)

Spread the words hehe.....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A song that gives me a strength

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though its breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, youll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
Youll see the sun come shining through for you

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
Thats the time you must keep on trying
Smile, whats the use of crying?
Youll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

Thats the time you must keep on trying
Smile, whats the use of crying?
Youll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan....

Muslims often seek outside help to lose weight, although the Qur'an and Hadith provide guidance on many ways through which we can combat being overweight. They include periodic cleansings, eating simple and whole foods and herbs, avoiding excess, drinking plenty of water, praying and seeking guidance from Allah, seeking the help of others, and being persistent and patient.

Ramadan is a time for physical cleansing as well as spiritual cleansing. A prophetic tradition (Hadith) states, "Fast the month of Ramadan so to heal your bodies from disease."

If we strive to eat only pure, simple and light foods during Ramadan, we can undergo a physical as well as a spiritual cleansing. Since there is such a strong scientifically proven correlation between our spiritual, mental and physical health, to purify all systems at the same time provides the ultimate and most powerful detoxification fast that we have available today.

To eat purely means to eat the whole, unprocessed and pure foods that Allah has provided us such as whole wheat breads, grains, beans, vegetables and fresh fruits.

These are perfect foods and we do not need to improve them with colors, chemicals and preservatives.

The Qur'an (5:4) says, "They ask thee what is lawful to them as food. Say, 'Lawful unto you are all things good and pure.'" And (50:7), "And the earth we have spread out, and we have set firm mountains on it, and have made every kind of beautiful growth to grow on it."

The Qur'an also says (7:31),"Eat and drink, but waste not by excess for God loves not the prodigals." Prophet Muhammad (SAW) emphasized this in Hadith when he mentioned that, "The stomach is the home of disease, and abstinence the head of every remedy. So make this your custom."

It is easy to eat in excess since foods once reserved for royalty are now readily available in every supermarket.

However, there is a hidden cost to excess consumption that keeps them expensive. Livestock pay this hidden cost by being injected with hormones and chemicals to increase the production of meat, cheese, milk and cream. The earth pays an even higher price when we consider the amount of grain and water used to raise the excess number of cattle for meat consumption

Eating breakfast is also an important part of weight loss as it speeds metabolism of the body. The Hadith say, "Eat your meal at dawn, for there is blessing in the meal at dawn," and, "There is blessing in three things: the early morning meal, bread and soup."

Another gift that Allah has given us in the battle against excess weight is water. The Qur'an says (15:45), "The righteous will be amid gardens and fountains of clear-flowing water," and (21:30), "We made water essential for all life." Muslims wanting to lose weight would benefit by drinking ten glasses of water a day, at least one half hour before and after meals.

As well as their spiritual benefits, the five prescribed daily prayers also provide physical toning benefits to the body.
And patience is often the greatest test we face when we decide to lose weight. However, the Qur'an says (2:155), "Give glad tidings to those who exercise patience when struck with adversity and say, 'Indeed, we belong to God, and to Him is our return.' Such ones receive blessings and mercy from their Lord, and such are the guided ones."

Lastly, we cannot forget the power of prayer and support from others. The Qur'an says (26:80), "... And when I sicken, then He (Allah) heals me." Abu Hurairah relates, "Allah never inflicts a disease unless he makes a cure for it." Weight gain is often caused by excess, and the weakness of one or more organs of the body.

A Hadith even says, "The origin of every disease is cold. So eat when you desire and refrain when you desire." Many people have lost weight simply by warming up their bodies with herbs and warm foods, and reducing heavier, colder foods and those that clog and chill the system.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Its been a while.....

Salam ol, urgh i havent update or write anything here for like 2 months d. got so many things to share, tapi itu lah dia, i only have 2 months here in Malaysia so gotta use my time wisely =)....and these are the pieces of my two-months-in-Malaysia puzzle.Enjoy!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

e Melody

Friday, June 12, 2009

An Old Friend's Story

Since last night my young son has been unwell. When I got back from Work this evening I decided to take him to hospital despite my exhaustion.

There were many waiting; perhaps we will be delayed by more than an hour. I took my number and sat down in the waiting room. There were many faces, young and old, but all silent. Some brothers made use of the many booklets available in the waiting room.

Some of those waiting had their eyes closed, while others were looking around. Most were bored. Once in a while the long silence was broken by a nurse calling out a number. Happiness appears on the one whose turn it is, and he gets up quickly; then silence returns.

A young man grabbed my attention. He was reading a pocket-sized Qur`an continuously; not raising his head even once. At first I did not think much about him. However, after one hour of waiting my casual glances turned into a deep reflection about his lifestyle and how he utilizes his time. One hour of life wasted! Instead of making benefit of that hour, it was just a boring wait. Then the call for prayer was made. We went to prayer in the hospital's Masjid. I tried to pray close to the man who was reading the Qur'an earlier in the waiting room.

After the prayer I walked with him. I informed him of how impressed I was of him and how he tries to benefit from his time. He told me that most of our time is wasted without any benefit. These are days that go from our lives without being conscious of them or regretting their waste. He said that he started carrying the pocket-sized Qur`an around when a friend encouraged him to make full use of his time. He told me that in the time other people waste he gets to read much more of the Qur`an than he gets to read either at home or in the masjid.. Moreover, besides the reward of reading the Qur`an, this habit saves him from boredom and stress.

He added that he has now been waiting for one and a half hours. Then he asked, when will you find one and a half hours to read the Qur`an? I reflected; How much time do we waste? How many moments of our lives pass by, and yet we do not account for how they passed by? Indeed, how many months pass by and we do not read the Qur`an? I came to respect my companion, and I discovered that I am to stand for account and that time is not in my hand; so what am I waiting for?

My thoughts were interrupted by the nurse calling out my number; I went to the doctor. But I want to achieve something now. After I left the hospital I quickly went to the bookshop and bought a pocket-sized Qur`an. I decided to be mindful of how I spend the time.

Our Prophet (SAW) said; 'Whoever guides or directs to good, then he gets the same amount of blessing (reward) as the one who does it'

The Prophet (SAW) also said 'Pass on knowledge from me even if it is only one verse'

Some things can be repaired and replaced, but not this one.

"Ini cucu saya ni, belajar pandai,dapat 9As dalam PMR" walaupun hanya 8 As sebenarnya.Itulah nenekku, suka melebih2kan apa yang sikit.Bangga agaknya
dengan anak2 dan cucu2nya.Robiah Bai nama diberi, seorang wanita yang kuat dan tabah.
Gigih membesarkan anak2 beliau hingga berjaya semuanya dan menjadi orang yang baik2 alhamdulillah.Beliau menjagaku dari kecik dan antara orang yang paling rapat denganku. Masih aku ingat ketika berada di bangku tadika, beliau sentiasa menunggguku pulang.Dari jauh sudah kelihatan kelibat wanita tua menunggu di tepi jalan. "Along!, kenapa kotor sangat baju ni? sudah jom balik makan. Hari ni nenek masak sedap, kari along." memang sedap masakan nenekku ni.Kemudian di sekolah
rendah, selalu dibawaku ke pasar. Ketika embun mula merebahkan diri, ketika ramai masih dibuai mimpi, nenekku sudah bangun memulakan kerjanya.sebelum subuh sudah bangun dia membuat kuih untuk dijual di pasar. Senang cerita memang sedap semua masakan nenekku ni. "Along jangan makan inti kelapa tu banyak sangat, nenek nak jual apa nanti?" memang itu lar kerjaku setiap kali menemani beliau
membuat kuih. Dari kecil sampai besar banyak sungguh telah aku lalui bersama beliau.Sudah masak sangat dengan kekecohan mulut nenek Robiah ni hehe. Antara
orang yang boleh tahan kritikan berbentuk nasihatnya adalah makcik aku, Anita. Macam buku bertemu ruas memang kelaka tengok mereka berdebat di rumah.
aku juga tidak lari dari kritikan2 membina beliau,"Along belajar dulu jangan cari girlfriend, Along bila nak gunting rambut ni?, Kenapa cucu nenek ni
makin kurus, makin hitam?, Jangan bgaul dengan orang jahat2 along, dan the list goes on..suatu hari, nenekku terlantar sakit di hospital. Selalu juga aku dan keluarga pergi melawatnya, bibirnya yang sentiasa terukir dengan senyuman dan mulut yang
masih aktif membuatkan ramai orang gembira dan hilang niat untuk berdrama2 air mata di hospital . Memang kuat nenekku ni, tidak pernah mengeluh
hidupnya susah dan bergantung pada orang lain.Makcikku antara orang yang paling rapat dan tiap2 hari pergi menjaga beliau. Tiba harinya aku pergi
melanjutkan pelajaran ke seberang lautan, jauh pergi meninggalkan keluarga, meninggalkan nenek yang masih sakit.Pergilah aku ke hospital buat kali terakhir untuk
berjumpa nenek, meminta restu, meminta berkat, halalkan makan minom, ampunkan silap salah. Duduk aku di sebelah katil dan nenekku baring tersenyum di sebelah."Cucu saya ni nak belajar ke America" sempat lagi dia cakap kat orang sebelah ..Aku peluk erat nenekku, "Ampunkan dosa along nek, halalkan mkan minom along, tunggu along habis belajar ok?"...Nenek pelok erat tubuhku, " da tak sempat jumpa da lepas ni along, tapi nenek sentiasa doakan kejayaan along di dunia dan akhirat"..nak keluar
je air mata ni bila aku dengar kata2 tersebut. Aku cium kedua2 pipi dan tangannya sebelom aku pergi,pergi jauh dari nenek.Menangis kenalan2 yang berada di situ dan suruh aku banyak bersabar. Kita ni nak belajar memang banyak dugaannya, da ini adalah terbesar bagi aku. Kini sudah dua bulan aku di America, semuanya baik2 saja. kadang2 kol rumah untuk melepas rindu sama keluarga. Pada 27.10 2008, pukul 4 pm di Indiana, Us, aku menerima satu panggilan telefon. "Along, nenek sudah takde". satu berita yang aku memang tak mahu terima sepanjang 4 tahon ak di US. Tetapi ajal maut di tangan tuhan, sedih memang sedih dan termenung juga aku malam tu teringat akan nenek yang paling aku sayang dalam hidop ni. Macam2 bermain dalam pikiran aku, "macam mana ni, apa nak buat, aku da tak dapat jumpa nenek minta ampun dan halalkan makan minom, ingin sangat aku cium kedua pipinya dan ucapkan terima kasih". Besar sangat pengorbanan nenekku, wanita tunggal mmbesarkan anak2 dan cucunya. Dan paling aku terkilan, tak dapat usung jenazah nenek ke liang lahat memandangkan aku sorang saje cucu lelaki
yang ada."Nenek, along mintak maaf banyak2 dan harap nenek berbahagia di samping orang beriman, along redha dengan kehendakNya Yang Maha Esa.Semoga aman di sana, amin.Sayangilah mereka yang menyayangi kita, Al-Fatihah nenek. :)

first time blogging

wow, finally got myself a blog! never tot i will have it because i dont see a point of having one. For me its one of thousand ways to express, share our feelings, info and everything. and honestly, i don't think guys should blogging because trust me, fishing and waiting for hours are way more interesting than this, and, come on, just say what we need to say directly and no need this kind of stuff to tell i like that, hate this...and xmo tipu2 pny, the main reason why i hate this kind of thing because i am no good in writing, and my English is rojak! haha after a couple lines will stop and think, hmm what should i write next, ahah ok! but have to translate everything plak, cancel lar then...but here i am, with my very own, first blog! Its summer and its boring, so decided to give a try and see what happen. My first blog guys, peace! :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just a trial people!

This taken from my research paper, just wanna try to post smtg, and i know its
boring =)....
In an ancient Greek play, masks represent personalities. They use a different mask for each actor or actress in order to help others to understand the play. For example, a mask of a devil represents anger and a mask of an angel represents happiness. It tells us that there are people out there who are interested to show us and to share their opinion on human emotions or human personalities. I am very interested in learning more about this topic because, for me, it is very important to learn more about ourselves, and I believe it will help us to find our own identities. Human personality in general is best explained by complicated research and experiments because of the fact that different people have different personalities. I have done my research on this topic, and as I went deeper to gather the information, I have found something more interesting about our personalities. Believe it or not, everyone in this world has his or her own multiple personalities or, in other words, we can call them the sub personalities.