Friday, June 12, 2009

first time blogging

wow, finally got myself a blog! never tot i will have it because i dont see a point of having one. For me its one of thousand ways to express, share our feelings, info and everything. and honestly, i don't think guys should blogging because trust me, fishing and waiting for hours are way more interesting than this, and, come on, just say what we need to say directly and no need this kind of stuff to tell i like that, hate this...and xmo tipu2 pny, the main reason why i hate this kind of thing because i am no good in writing, and my English is rojak! haha after a couple lines will stop and think, hmm what should i write next, ahah ok! but have to translate everything plak, cancel lar then...but here i am, with my very own, first blog! Its summer and its boring, so decided to give a try and see what happen. My first blog guys, peace! :)